PediaVit Minimum

Therapeutic class (AHFS):  Multivitamin
  For Children

PediaVit Minimum (50 Drops) Available in:
50 mL


PediaVit Minimum (50 mL)

PediaVit Minimum (50 Drops)

Not to scale
Medicinal ingredients: Each mL contains:
Vitamin A  (as Vitamin A Palmitate)   1,500 IU
Vitamin D3  (as Cholecalciferol)   400 IU
Vitamin C  (as Ascorbic Acid)   30 mg
Fluoride  (as Potassium Fluoride)   0.25 mg
Brand reference Tri-Vi-Sol with fluoride®
Format 50 mL
NPN 02231597
Code 10-1450
UPC 6 25720 00510 6
Form Oral Liquid
Color Brown
Packaging Box
Flavor Cherry

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